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You have been one of my favourite artists for years, but this strikes me more than any of your other pieces, for one simple reason; the...


This is official, I'm open for business! For custom stickers! Yes, CUSTOM.

Here's the lowdown. These are being made at home, at my table, all hand done. These are not vinyl, but are made with just as good material! Sticker paper and Con-Tact adhesive paper finished with adhesive gloss. Lots of stick but it does dry, I promise.

What are your options?
Well to get in touch, to send me a note or email me at are the best options.
First, what I mean by custom. That means you can order just about anything, from fanart to personalized stuff for you! From logos to names to happy occasions. Want 'Happy Birthday Devon' stickers? Done. Want fun labels for work, your kids' stuff or whatever else you want words on? You got it. Want Gandalf riding R2D2 into space wielding a light saber to fight Hello Kitty Voldemort? I like your style, I will have fun working with you.
But there are always boundaries. What are mine?
No NSFW. Sorry, you'll have to find someone else to do it. No foul language. I keep it clean, I AM kid friendly. Not anyone else's work! If you want stickers of your favourite artist (besides me) you will have to ask that artist. I don't want to see c-cassandra's work or anything from Seojinni or any other artist like that.
But what if you want stickers of YOUR OWN WORK?? Yeah I can do it. There a couple options; You can send me what you want stick-ified through mail (I don't have a colour printer, but if you have something in black in white that you can send me through the interwebs you can do that) or I can re-draw it myself, that costs a bit extra. Prices will be listed at the end.
But what about sizes?! Of course different cost different, but I made it simpler for you. There are three different sizes. These are made with sticker paper which mine is 11x8 1/2 inches. That full sheet is one option, as well as a half sheet 8 1/2 x 5 1/2, and the quarter sheet, 5 1/2 x 4 1/2. You can fit as many stickers as you want into these sizes. Of course the specific sizes of those individual stickers will be worked out. The Full sheet I call Long, Half sheet is Half, and the quarter is called Short.

Now the nitty gritty: Pricing. The not-so-fun part.
So here it is:
A Short is $10
A Half is $15
A Long is $25
To make the stickers of your own work is the same as those prices accordingly, however re-drawing will cost $10 extra, since that is more work for me to do.
And plus shipping. I ship through UPS and before I ship I will give you different shipping options. Depending on what you are willing to pay will obviously effect how soon you get them. However before I ship you will be notified and you choose what you prefer. Payment is up front. I like to be as detailed as possible so there will be probably several notes between us before I start. All stickers are put into my gallery, however if you prefer to remain anonymous that is perfectly fine.
I can't wait to hear from you, Kitty Voldemort guy! And the rest of you with your great requests!


The Long Shadow
Inktober #14 Theme: Walt Disney
Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse
The second of the rushed pieces for today. Had to play catch-up.
A Dream Realised
Inktober #12 Theme: Pixar
Skeleton of the Beast of Paradise Falls (with added skull) from Up
What if he really brought it back?



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